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Lenny Kravitz


Birth Name: Leonard Albert Kravitz
Nickname: Lenny, Lenny Krawitz, Eddie, Romeo Blue, Soul Surfer
Spouse: Lisa Bonet (Separated)
Kate Hudson (Companion)
Nicole Kidman (Companion)
Birth Date: May 26, 1964
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA

hunger games cast Lenny Kravitz class=Cinna was a newbie Capitol stylist assigned to dress the tributes of District 12, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. He became their stylist during the 74th and 75th Hunger games and the Victory Tour. The Hunger Games is the fight to the death among 24 young men and women from the 12 districts of the Capitol.

Since Cinna was a newbie, he was assigned to the lower and poorer districts such as District 12. But it was later revealed that Cinna did not regret being assigned to District 12 even just a bit because, in reality, he personally chose to be assigned to District 12 with the primary intention of getting close to Katniss.

He was part of the District 12 team together with Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch Abernathy (mentor) and Effie Trinket (guide). His job is to groom the tributes for appearances primarily the parade of tributes and the interview with Caesar Flickerman to attract possible sponsors for Katniss and Peeta. Cinna's character played a major role in Katniss and Peeta's rise to prominence together with their prep team.

Eventually, Cinna's designs for the two gave way for sponsors to like Katniss and Peeta, saving their lives in the arena. Cinna was the brains and hands behind the flaming suit of Katniss and Peeta which they first wore during the parade of tributes on the 74th Hunger Games. Cinna also designed Katniss' fiery red dress which she wore during her interview with Caesar Flickerman. Because of these two master pieces, Katniss was wooed as the "Girl on Fire" and became the crowd favorite.

Cinna also designed the wedding dress themed dress of Katniss in Catching Fire when all victors turned tributes are presented on the interview with Caesar Flickerman. This dress goes into flames and turned from white into red and resembled a Mockingjay. This has been a sign that Cinna supports Katniss and her rebellious action in the arena during the 74th Hunger Game and thus giving President Snow a hint that Cinna might be a rebel himself.

He was also seen to have pinned the Mockingjay on Katniss battle suit twice. It is found that he has been part of the revolution even from the start. He was also behind the design of Katniss Mockingjay armor handing it over to Plutarch Heavensbee. But he didn't live to see Katniss become the real "Mockingjay", the symbol of the revolution against the Capitol. Cinna was abducted during the "Quarter Quell' after sending Katniss off to the arena. His death wasn't shown but it was mentioned.


Famous Lines from the Hunger Games Trilogy

---- Hunger Games (2012) ----

"I'm here to help you make an impression."

"Don't be afraid."

"I'm not allowed to bet, but if I could, I'd bet on you."

"I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don't hurt anyone but myself."

---- Catching Fire (2013) ----

"I'm still betting on you, Girl on Fire."

"I asked for District 12."


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